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Daniel Cloud Campos

I’ll admit, I didn’t follow dance for the majority of my life. I respected it, but when I was younger, it just wasn’t on the higher end of my interest lists. I don’t think it was until I started working for Disney and found myself having to study dance videos to market Step Up 3D that I really started to admire it. This was also around the same time that America’s Best Dance Crew first aired.

It was during that time that I familiarized myself with Cloud and his work. The man is an artiste, not just in dance, but as a videographer and creative director as well. I started to follow his every move. 

Because the world is small and especially the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, of course I would find myself crossing paths with him (and Jon Chu) again four years later while I was working for a different company. 

I was asked to go on a set and shoot some photos. I remember chuckling as my coworker was trying to explain to me who he was and what he looked like. “Oh, trust me, I KNOW” was my response.

Anyway, I decided to dig up some of the shots and utilize some of the post-processing features that VSCO and Mextures have to offer. Here’s the result of one of them.


Sade - Bring me Home Live 2011

I understood from the end credits of the DVD that the incredible dancer is Daniel Cloud Campos. Pleased to meet you, sir.


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